Services We Provide

  • COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS REPORTS.  Editorial strengths and weaknesses are identified
    for your publication and its competitors.  Detailed comparisons, recommendations and
    tabulations are based on evaluation of overall quality, graphics, news coverage,
    execution of at-show and post show issues and menu diversity.
  • IN-DEPTH PUBLICATION CRITIQUES.  Written report and marked-up issues cover the
    waterfront in terms of editing skill, balance/sequence, feature writing, graphics, general
    creativity.  All critiques include exclusive qualitative scoring covering 25 key factors.
  • E-NEWSLETTER/WEBSITE REVIEW.  Typical report includes review of all newsletters
    published during a designated month.  Website performance is evaluated
    simultaneously.  As of now, a ten-factor appraisal and scoring system is part of the
    package (see current home page for description of what's included).  Also evaluated:  
    effectiveness with which magazine content encourages readers to visit website.  
    Competitive analysis can be included.  Another plus:  Brief report reviewing ideas found
    on websites serving a variety of industries that might work for you.
  • STAFF PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT.  Detailed analysis tracks productivity and
    recommends practical performance benchmarks for all editors.  Comprehensive report is
    based on interviews with staff members plus review of current job descriptions and
    hiring/training/career path policies.
  • COMPLETE IN-HOUSE TRAINING MENU.  Whether it's basic editing technique or
    advanced sessions covering personnel management and performance evaluation,
    Editorial Solutions has a workshop to meet your special needs.  Half-day and full-day
    sessions available. Coaching for new editorial directors also can be arranged.
  • 'MINI-RETAINER' ARRANGEMENTS.  If you need consistent advice -- but on a limited
    basis -- try a one-day "mini-retainer."  In practice, this monthly program allows you to
    have an experienced editorial manager on call for an hour or a few minutes, depending
    upon your needs.
  • EDITORIAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS JUDGING.  Editorial Solutions president Howard
    Rauch has judged Neal finalists.  He also has evaluated several categories for ASBPE'S
    annual awards competition. Included: best debut issue, best at-show publication and --
    most recently -- best headlines.  For regular clients, Howard always goes beyond merely
    selecting winners.  He provides additional detailed analysis indicating strengths and
    weaknesses of all entries submitted.  Check his availability the next time you schedule an
    in-house awards event.
Editorial Solutions, Inc.